About Tandala Nursery School

Tandala nursery school is located in Mtewa Village on the shores Lake Malawi, near Monkey Bay and was founded in 2012. The school currently employs 3 teachers who teach about 60 kids aged 3 to 6 years (kindergarden) and 20 kids aged 7 to 16 years (primary school). The majority of the pupils are orphans from the surrounding villages, Kassankha village, Mtewa village and Mbeya village.


The subjects taught are English, Religious, Art, Chichewa (local language)  and Physical Education (PE). Some of other activities at the school include playing football, playing in the school yard and teaching the children the local traditional culture of Malawi. The children get one meal per day, which consists of the staple food called “Nshima” which is is made from ground maize (corn) flour known locally as mealie-meal and vegetables like beans.

Tandala nursery school is an officially registered charity in Malawi. For more information click on the following link to view the certificate.