About Loyce and how it all started

Loyce, who founded the Tandala nursery school and runs the operations of the project, is from Cape Maclear which lies on the shores of Lake Malawi.  She is 28 years old and has 2 lovely daugthers. Her husband Michael supports her in the running the project.


About 5 years ago Loyce started looking after some orphans of the village in the backyard of her little rented house. Initially she taught them the art of paper making, which she herself had learnt in the WWF project and later on continued to teach them other skills. Loyce started the project with the proceeds from selling her art at the lodge shop where she works.  At first she rented an old church where the kids where taught. Later on an own school building was built partly with private donations from Austria and funds from an organization called Kinderhotel Charity.


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